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I'm delighted to make available (for a limited period of time) this special edition 'Tour de France' short-sleeved cycling jersey. I've worked with Bioracer to have this jersey designed to mark the special occasion of the Tour coming through Yorkshire (and of course, Ilkley!) this July.

Details of both Yorkshire stages (and place names) are printed on the jersey. It should be a great memento of the occasion, and, a great piece of cycling kit as well!
To order the jersey all you need to do is pop into Ilkley Cycles on Skipton Road. The guys in the shop now have this on the ordering system. For men, the order code is 51338 (state you want the
Tour de France jersey). For ladies, the order code is 51338D (state you want the Tour de france jersey)The jersey costs £40.95 (including VAT). Please note: we are doing this in short sleeve only, no shorts or variations.

Order 1 will be going into Bioracer Monday 7th April, so you have two weeks to get into the shop and order your jersey if you want one of the first batch. The expected delivery on these is 5-7 weeks. We will be putting in another order for these jerseys sometime in May.
ri short sleeve jersey is light and comfortable. With the Quadri shirt, Bioracer combines the lightness of Cool Light fabric with the durability of Airtex fabric. This mono-elastic fabric that is used has a positive effect on the perfect fit of the shirt. Finished with three rear pockets and a long lockable zipper.
Paul Di Mambro ICC Kit Officer

ICC Club Kit

Dear ICC member, I have been chasing Halo Sports for a delivery date for the recent kit order. It appears the delay (thus far) has been related to the initial set up process and manufacturing challenges in Italy. Progress is now being made on all fronts and Halo Sports assure me that delivery of this order will be made no later than the 28th March. I will communicate with you again as soon as I have taken delivery of the kit, or before if necessary. Thanks for your patience. Best Regards, Paul


We've decided on some key changes that, we believe, will make the kit buying experience a simpler and better one for our members. The main change is that we will be working in partnership with Ilkley Cycles and all ICC kit will now be managed through the Ilkley Cycles shop on Skipton Road.

We will continue to work with two kit suppliers; Halo Sports kit and Bioracer. However, the existing paper-based ordering system will be replaced by:

  1. Kit will be available to buy direct from Ilkley Cycles
    We have looked at member buying patterns over the past 18 months and have selected a 'core' range of kit that we will sell direct through the shop. For both Halo Sports and Bioracer, these will be as follows: short sleeve jersey, long sleeve jersey, gilet, spring jacket, winter jacket, bib shorts, bib tights. Depending on the time of year, some items of kit will be ordered in greater volume (e.g. more short sleeve jerseys as we get close to summer, more winter jackets as we get closer to winter). In addition to this, the shop will also stock a Bioracer skin suit (in a small range of sizes) around the time of race season.
  2. Kit can be ordered direct from Ilkley Cycles
    We expect to be able to meet most of the demand for kit through the shop stock, however, there will (of course) be times when a member may wish to purchase an item of kit that is either, A. not in stock, or B. not one of the 'core' items stocked by the shop. In either case, members can simply order the desired kit item at the shop counter (all kit items for the full range of Halo Sports and Bioracer are now on the Ilkley Cycles ordering system). Ilkley Cycles will submit an order to Halo Sports and Bioracer approximately every month. The kit will normally be delivered to the shop 4-6 weeks later. Members will be notified directly by the shop when their kit has arrived.


As kit officer, I will communicate regularly with members, through the website and the Facebook page, to ensure members know exactly when the next order is being submitted by Ilkley Cycles. This will enable members to place orders for any items shortly before the shop place the order, thus minimising the time from order to delivery. In addition to this, for 2014 we are making available a range of 'off the bike' ICC leisurewear kit items. These are also held in stock at Ilkley Cycles and include: t-shirts, polo shirts, hooded sweatshirts, soft-shell jackets, beanie hats and caps.

The first shop oder to Halo Sports and Bioracer will be placed week commencing 3rd March. We (therefore) expect that a large supply of kit will be available to buy directly from the shop approximately week commencing 21st April. As of Monday 3rd March, any member can go into Ilkley Cycles and place an order for specific items at the counter. Please bear with us as we make these important changes. For a club the size of ICC there isn't a 'perfect' system for kit management. There will undoubtedly be a learning curve as we try to get the right balance of supply and demand for the shop stock. Having said that, we believe this is the best way forward for the clubs kit management and for improving the experience of buying kit for our members. One other key benefit of switching to this approach is that members will have the opportunity to try on kit. This should mean we have few (if any) difficulties related to kit that 'doesn't fit' when it's delivered.

Paul Di Mambro  - ICC Kit Officer

ICC Flag - details here

We currently have two  kit suppliers, Bioracer and Halo Sports.

Halo Sports kit order

Currently on order.


Bioracer supply various national and professional teams along with many clubs. They offer a vast range of kit including race jerseys, women's-specific and childrens kit.


Size measurements are contained in separate tabs on the order forms. Men’s sizes range from 1-10. Size 2 is equivalent to a small, size 4 to a medium and size 5 is large, these seem to be about right.

Women’s specific sizes range from 1-8, 2 is a women's 8 , 3 is a 10/small 12

(NB the design on the front of the womens kit is slightly different than previous tops or the men's top - see below images as examples) The kit pictured is size 3 & the model a size 10. )

Female Jersey frontFemale jersey side

Children’s kit is sized in euro sizes 128-164

There are no samples to try, but a small trial order for the time-triallists has been delivered, so some guidance can be given.


Jerseys. All jerseys are race cut and there are various alternative fabrics. Jerseys can be ordered with either flatlock or normal stitching

Quadri –Full length zip. Durable 4/5, lightweight 4/5, breathable/moisture wicking 4/5

Airtex – Full length zip. Durable 5/5, lightweight 3.5/5, breathable/moisture wicking 3.5/5

Cool-light – Three Quarter zip.  Durable 3/5, lightweight 5/5, breathable/moisture wicking 3.5/5

Bodyfit jersey - this is Bioracer's latest skin-tight race jersey with tight lycra sleeves and a stretchy side-panel (this is not available as a women's specific fit, apparently the women pros wearing these use the men’s version)

Women's-specific jerseys are available in Quadri and Airtex fabrics. These have a fitted cut with a wider yellow side panel.

Long sleeved jerseys - again available in various fabrics in order of increasing warmth...

Quadri - Full length zip.  Durable 4/5, lightweight 4/5, breathable/moisture wicking 4/5

Isolation – Full length zip. Insulation 3.5/5, breathable/moisture wicking 3.5/5, lightweight 4/5

Transotex - Full length zip. Insulation 4/5, breathable/moisture wicking 3.5/5, lightweight 3.5/5


Gamex - Full length zip. Wind protection 4/5, rain protection 3/5, lightweight 5/5

Windblock - Full length zip. Wind protection 5/5, rain protection 4/5, lightweight 4/5


Windblock Winter – Wind Protection 5/5, rain protection 5/5, moisture wicking 3.5/5, insulation 5/5

Windblock - Wind Protection 5/5, rain protection 4.5/5, moisture wicking 3.5/5, lightweight 4.5/5

Shorts/tights - 'Race Proven' shorts are Bioracer's latest race (bib)shorts These are available in mens and ladies-specific  in various fabrics.

Caro – Muscle support 5/5, freedom of movement 4/5, durability 5/5

temp-control - 'roubaix' winter fabric.  Muscle support 5/5, freedom of movement 4/5, insulation 4/5

Skinprotect - apparently has some kind of built-in protection to prevent road-rash!

Isofilm - is one of the best insulating membranes. Fabrics modified with Isofilm are waterproof, windproof, bi-elastic and breathable. On top of this, Isofilm is easy to maintain.


Available in Caro, Lycra and Temp-Control, with optional zip-pocket.

As well as the original black design there is a new “hi-viz” version of the skinsuit with yellow back and arms (this version is not British Cycling registered so should not be used in British Cycling/UCI races)

A Bioracer brochure describing the various designs and fabrics is here  Bioracer catalogue (large file)

There are also more details available on the bioracer website (link here)  and on the fabrics here

Any questions about the order process or kit please contact


Paul Di Mambro  - ICC Kit Officer



ICC New kit 2012

ICC Flags – 1 yard flags made by local flag maker ”Flying Colours” – ideal for supporting local events or of course for next year’s Grand Depart.

£20 contact ICC Flag


Original ICC Club Jersey