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ICC Route & Map Library
Old Bridge ICC Start Point
Sunday 8.30 am Rides

Monday 9.30 Women's ride

Tuesday 9.30 am Social Ride
Tuesday Eve TRaining Rides
Thursday Eve Club Rides
ChainGang Rides Saturday

Training Rides 2013/14








Schedule of Rides and Route plans

Meeting Place For All Rides - Old Bridge Denton Rd Side

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Thursday Club night. 7pm - 9pm

Thurs Night Rides  April 2014- 7pm Old Bridge -LIGHTS ESSENTIAL ON ALL RIDES

Please note ride leaders may adjust route or cancel on the day if conditions merit this.

Training Ride B1
B2 B3 C Other

Linton Loop Route map

Arthur Wilson


ICC Route 27

Euan Mackay

B2  Burnsall

ICC Route 3

Stephen Richardson

C1 Askwith Moor, Timble, Little Snowden, Otley DAN HILL


Liz Barrett


Dacre Circuit

Route Map Link

Arthur Wilson

Grassington via Old Oak climb / Appletreewick / Hebden, return via Burnsall ICC Route 4a

Mike Cooper

Cringles - Halton Heights

Route Map Link 33

Tim Dryden


Barden, Halton Heights, Embsay, Halton East, Bolton Abbey, Addingham

Dan Hill


Liz Barrett


Greenhow Loop

Route Map Link

Arthur Wilson

Round the moor, clockwise..up Cow n Calf....or Reservoirs in reverse.Askwith and down Norwood

Mike Cooper

Addingham Moorside, Bradley, Cringles, Addingham

Dan Hill

C2 Route decided at the bridge

Liz Barrett


Pennypot Loop

Route Map Link

Arthur Wilson

Addingham, Embsay, Skipton, Bradley, Addingham Moorside

Dan Hill

Ilkley, Beamsley, Bolton Abbey, Halton East, Bolton Bridge, Addingham, Ilkley

Euan MacKay

Volunteers to lead road or  mtb rides welcome - email routes to ICC ride coordinator. A,B &C rides,each preferably with a leader and a sweeper.Afterwards all groups meet in the Vaults for a post ride social.Routes may depend on weather/light conditions.

ICC Map & Route Library

Saturday Morning Chain Gang Rides.

8.30 am . Meet at the old bridge . The CG is now going to split into 2 groups after Otley as the pace picks up through the winter into spring. The group will ride together to Otley and then spilt by Stephen Smiths garden centre. An experienced rider will stay with the back group for the next few weeks. After 1 Jan the faster group will do 2 laps of the Pool triangle.

See also Tues Eve Training Rides below

Training Rides

Saturday Chain Gang - Tuesday Nights & Thursday Nights

Sunday Club Road Rides 8.30am

Please note ride leaders may adjust route or cancel on the day if conditions merit this.

Sunday Club Rides April 2014 - 8.30 am Meet at the Old Bridge







Other MTB









Askwith, Blubberhouses, Patley Bridge, Lofthouse, East Witton, Coverdale, Kettlewell, Grassington, Appletreewick, Bolton Abbey



Route Map Link

Will Cartwright

Support our Racers Ride-  Nidderdale Classic RR

Route tbc- but somewhere near Greenhow

Euan Mackay


Askwith Moor, Fewston, Summerbridge, Blubberhouses- 31 miles & hilly

Dan Hill




"One of my favourite circular routes from Ilkleyheading over to Pateley Bridge, Mashamlooping back up Coverdale ,over Park Rash into the Wharfe valley. Cafe stop Kettlewell (2/3 the way around). 78 miles."

Route Map Link

Charles Oxtoby

Darley Pateley Greenhow

Route Map Link


Stephen Richardson



ICC Route 4

Alizon Hargreaves


Greenhow & Conistone

ICC Route Map 33

Euan MacKay

Bolton Abbey, Embsay, Hetton, Malham (climb west side of cove) Halton Gill, Littondale, Grassington, Hebden, Appletreewick, Bolton Abbey

Route Map Link

Will Cartwright

Moorside, Steeton, Redcar Tarn, Sutton Moor, Cononley, Bradley, Addingham 28 miles hilly

Dan Hill


Fleet Moss

ICC Route Map 11

Jonathan Carpenter

Park Rash and Back

Route Map Link

Tim Dryden

Grassington and back with Cafe stop at Hebden or Grassington.

Brent Walker

End of month MTB ride

Route TBC

Euan MacKay


Monday Morning Women's Ride

There is also a women’s ride on a Monday morning  meeting at the Old Bridge in Ilkley at 9.30 am  usually splitting into 2 rides - 1 very steady pace ride suitable for beginners (approx 15 miles ) and another slightly further and quicker. Sometimes riders opt to go further and can join the mixed ride (see below)  Monday Morning Ride Routes and Details

Monday Morning Mixed Social Ride

9.30 old bridge.  Leader Loc Bui  - route varies but usually 30 miles plus .

Tuesday Morning Social Ride

Also meeting 9.30am at the Old Bridge . Leisurely paced social ride for approx 2.5 -3 hours - average speed roughly 14mph . Weekly routes & further details here.

Tuesday Evening MTB rides

6.15pm  from JD Cycles Nelson Rd - All welcome.

Local MTB rides set off from JD Cycles ,Nelson Road - confirm with JDs 

also see Thurs Night & Sunday Club Rides for other ICC MTB rides

Tuesday  Eve Road Training Rides – Old Bridge 7.30 until 9ish

Interval session type ride around Denton Rd/Middleton Av/Rupert Rd. An average ride might consist of the following;

1)      Warm up 3-5 laps

2)      Rolling start half laps intervals, individually or as pairs – 3-5 laps

3)      1 lap sprints from T junction sign x 3

4)      3 up TT (or 2 if odd no.s) – one lap at front for each rider – 3 or 6 laps

5)      Mini chain gang to finish – 5-10 laps.

As a lot of the efforts are individual, ability is not that important. If you are late, just join the ride when you can. Although the circuit is relatively quiet in an evening please obey the highway code at all times.

Monthly Family Ride - Sundays  10 am - 12pm

In addition, we run a family ride one Sunday each month, this starts at 10 a.m. from the Old Bridge in Ilkley and generally goes to the Cavendish at Bolton Abbey for hot drinks, bacon butties and ice creams.using the towpath under Bolton Bridge for safety.

See our ICC calendar on the right of each page for family ride dates. Usually April - October.

Volunteers to lead alternative road or  mtb rides welcome - email routes to ICC ride coordinator. Euan Mackay.


ICC Map & Route Library Previous Sunday  Rides

Sunday MTB rides - will be posted here

MTB Route Library


Weds Indoor Spin Cycling info here)


Rides Information

All rides start from the Old Bridge in Ilkley.  The Thursday night rides start at 7 p.m. and the Sunday rides start at 8.30 a.m.   Both the Thursday night and the Sunday rides run throughout the year (a good set of lights are required for the winter Thursday evening rides).  The MTB rides, and occasionally the road rides, may start in a different location and at a different time, if this is the case, the location and time will be listed on the website under ‘Rides’.

A Rides – The A rides are generally for the most experienced and fastest riders usually riding at a speed of 18 miles/hour.  On a Thursday night the A ride will be approximately 30 miles long and on a Sunday the A ride will often cover 50 miles, sometimes going for even longer rides covering up to 70 miles.

B Rides – The B rides are for the intermediate rider and are not as fast as the A ride.  The speed will generally be 14-16 miles per hour.  If there are a lot of riders on the B ride, the ride is split into B1 and B2, with B1 going slightly faster than B2, but usually along the same route.  On a Thursday night the B ride is approximately 23 miles long and a Sunday the group covers about 40 miles.

C Rides –

Where do we go and how fast?

Spring and Summer

As this is the busiest time of year there will generally be a C1 and C2 ride on both Thursday evening and Sunday morning.The C1 ride will generally cover 20-22 miles on a Thursday evening and 25-35 miles on a Sunday morning averaging approximately 11.5 miles per hour. We will ride steady and regroup where necessary – we are proud never to have lost anyone yet! Although this is a steady ride, as we live in a beautiful and hilly area, we will go up most of these hills!

The C2 ride is a little steadier than the C1 ride and will typically cover a shorter distance over flatter terrain. The speed will vary depending on the group but will typically average 9-10 mp/h.

Both the C1 and C2 rides will generally make a café stop on the Sunday morning ride.

Autumn and Winter

The C1 ride continues throughout the Autumn and Winter months.

What should I bring?

A functioning bike, helmet, a puncture repair kit (the ride leader will be happy to help you fix a puncture but may not have the correct size tube for your bike), some money for a café stop and most importantly your sense of humour!

On Thursday night in Autumn and Winter you need lights, including a front light bright enough to illuminate a dark road. It is also advisable to bring some sort of lightweight lock as there has regrettably been bike thefts from outside cafes recently.

Is it for me?

We genuinely like to see you new riders on the C rides so hope you will come and join us.You don’t need prior experience of riding in a group or to be a mechanical wizard as the ride leader will be happy to teach you both these skills.

Mountain biking



MTB Rides – The MTB rides occur on a more ad-hoc basis and can cover a wide range of distances and technical grades.  Please refer to the ‘Rides’ page to see when the next MTB ride is and whether is it graded Easy, Moderate or Difficult.

MTB Route Library



The routes for all rides are listed on the ‘Rides’ page of the website and are updated on a weekly basis.

Please email Euan Mackay at if you would like to lead any road or MTB rides or get some more information on being a ride leader.


Ride Etiquette & Advice on cycling in a group


We encourage the wearing of Cycling helmets on club rides.

Riders should ensure that their bikes are in a roadworthy and safe condition, with appropriate lighting and high-visibility clothing as necessary.

Riders should come prepared and able to for example fix punctures, but help would be provided by the ride leader if possible

Bolton Abbey Bridge


Club Rides will be broken into a A, B and C group (with A the fastest).

Each club ride will have a leader and preferably a “sweeper”.

The leader will  not necessarily have to ride at the front, but will  be familiar with the route and have some cycling experience.

The “sweeper” will ride at the back of the group and make sure riders do not become detached from the main group.


ICC Ride Etiquette, Group Riding Skills & Shouts & Signals Advice (link here)

Group Riding Skills - Useful Advice


ICC Route Library

details and maps for ICC Rides

ICC MTB Route Library

Ride Reports - all the information on the rides so far