Dear members, the ICC kit shop is now closed at 30th August 2017.

For current orders, expect delivery to your front door at around 20th October.

XMAS ORDERS – The next kit shop opening will be in October – for kit deliveries in time for Xmas. Watch this space! [Email & FB posts in October.]

Enquiries to

Pete Riley

Kit Officer


  • You can still browse the products
  • Sizing charts are contained within each garment menu.
  • The VeloCustom catalogue can be found here – Catalogue, which also contains sizing charts.
  • Quick price list – Prices
  • The ‘Team’ fit is invariably one size down from ‘Team Plus’. eg if you are a size Large in Team, you will invariably be a XL in Team+



Occasionally, kit is bought in error. Generally the sizing is not what was believed to have been tried on previously or the item is not what was thought to have been ordered. There are a number of ways of reducing the chance of this happening.

  • Attend club fitting sessions – aim to hold 2 per year. 
  • Club rides / other members – seek opportunities to see what other people are wearing and try on if possible.
  • Product catalogue accessed through the link on the kit section of the club website.
  • Sizing charts in catalogue.
  • Speak directly to VeloCustom. They are happy to assist

There is the potential for returning kit bought from VeloCustom – to be sold back into the club kit stock. The following apply:

  1. Kit will be purchased at 90% of the VeloCustom list price.
  2. Members should demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to buy the right garment of the right size. The refund facility will not operate like M&S or Amazon’s! ….and don’t buy 2 different sizes to see which fits best!
  3. Kit must be unworn, with the package, and in pristine new condition.
  4. Under normal circumstances only 1 return per rolling annum will be permitted.
  5. There is no immediate right to sell back, however no good reason will be refused.

Enquiries to

Pete Riley – Kit Officer



In addition to our core Champion System kit offering, we recognise that there will sometimes be occasions when our members need a jersey at short notice. With this in mind, we have formed a partnership with local business Spirit Cycling. Many of you will know Simon Warren (Director, Spirit Cycling), a member of ICC. For any members who would like an ICC jersey and can’t (for whatever reason) wait until the next kit order, Simon has the design templates for the ICC jersey and can produce an ‘Express Jersey’ for you in 15 days. The Express Jersey is available in standard BLACK, euro WHITE, short and long-sleeve, and also in a Roubaix fabric.






Short-sleeve £39.50

Long-sleeve £45

Roubaix £49

PLEASE NOTE: this is a JERSEY ONLY service. Please DO NOT ask Simon to produce any other items of ICC kit as these should be ordered in the usual way via the Champion System Online Ordering Portal when the kit shop opens.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to purchase an Express Jersey, you will need to contact Simon Warren / Spirit Cycling direct. Simon / Spirit Cycling will be responsible for all advice relating to the jerseys (e.g. sizing, fabrics, returns, etc) and will manage the service from order to delivery. Before initial purchase you will be able to try on a sample jersey to get the correct fit. These are available via Simon. Once fitted you can the purchase direct via the web site.

If you wish to enquire about the Express Jersey, or make a purchase, you can contact Simon / Spirit Cycling using the following contact details:

Simon Warren: Mobile – 07757934259
Email –
Email –
Website –

ICC Women's Race Team Pimbo RR

ICC Women’s Race Team Pimbo RR