Important information about ICC rides – please read

1 Please note that all rides start from the Old Bridge.

2 If you are returning to cycling after a break the C ride is likely to be the most suitable for you; please be confident you can do the mileage at the advertised pace if you choose one of the other rides;

3 If you are riding on Thursday evening please remember that, with the exception of the late May-July period you will need lights that light up the road (i.e not lower powered commuter lights that enable you to be seen but are not bright enough to enable you to see the road) as it will be dark for at least part of the ride. Please ensure your lights are fully charged if you haven’t used them for a while.

Classification of rides

Ilkley Cycling Club currently has organised cycle rides nearly every day of the week with the exception of Wednesdays & Fridays all year round.  Each club ride varies in length, terrain and pace. Club rides typically depart from the old bridge in Ilkley (map link here) and are categorised into the three primary types of ride;   

A          Advanced (Training)            B          Intermediate                     C          Social

A/A+ – These rides average 18+ mph and will not typically stop or regroup.

B1 – This ride averages 16-18 mph and will not typically stop.

B2 – This ride averages 14-16 mph and may make a cafe stop depending on the group or the leader’s wishes.

B3- This ride averages 13-14 mph taking in a variety of terrain including some hillier terrain with a cafe stop at approximately half distance on a Sunday. Distance on a Sunday will generally not exceed 45 miles.

C – This ride averages 12 mph over predominantly flat terrain with a cafe stop and max distance of 40 miles on a Sunday. It is aimed at anybody who fancies a steady ride but particularly those new to and returning to cycling. As a guide if you can ride from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey roundabout in 25 minutes, you should be fine on this ride.

MTB  –  There is a shop ride organised by our friends at Ilkley Cycles on Tuesday evening which members are free to join. There is generally a club ride on the last Sunday of the month and the organiser will advertise the start point, average speed and nature of the terrain.

Please note that the above are average speed for rides which take in hilly terrain. Groups will typically ride closer to the top end of the average speed on a Thursday as these rides are shorter.


 Youth Rides

[This section is currently under review]

Saturday Morning Chain Gang Rides – 8.30am

Chain Gang – start time 8.30, meet at Old Bridge. Depending on numbers/ability there are usually two groups. People shouldn’t be put off by the idea of them been really quick rides. Once people grasp the ‘through and off’ idea its just a quick fun way to cover 30 miles.

Please follow @ICCrides and @ilkleycyclingclub on Twitter for news, (occasional) commentary and group ride information. Facebook is another channel of communication used. Feedback, particularly that’s constructive, is always welcomed. If you would like to lead a future club ride then please do get in touch and make use of our resources pages. If you would like to get in touch with our ride coordinator then please email rides@ilkleycyclingclub.co.uk