Thursday Night Club Rides

All club rides start at 7pm at the Denton Road side of the old packhorse stone bridge. The club aims to offer a group ride for every rider category. Please see list below. Oh and we always finish up at the pub.

A/A+ – These rides average 18+ mph and will not typically stop or regroup.

B1 – This ride averages 16-18 mph and will not typically stop.

B2 – This ride averages 14-16 mph and may make a cafe stop depending on the group or the leader’s wishes.

B3- This ride averages 13-14 mph taking in a variety of terrain including some hillier terrain with a cafe stop at approximately half distance on a Sunday. Distance on a Sunday will generally not exceed 45 miles.

C – This ride averages 12 mph over predominantly flat terrain with a cafe stop and max distance of 40 miles on a Sunday. It is aimed at anybody who fancies a steady ride but particularly those new to and returning to cycling. As a guide if you can ride from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey roundabout in 25 minutes, you should be fine on this ride.