White Rose Classic – FAQs

White Rose Classic - YorkshireWhat information will I receive before the event?

We will be send emails periodically to all riders before the event.  The most important source of detailed information, however, is the Rider Road Book.  Use the Road Book as your reference for all details about the event, from where to park, what is needed for Sign On, where to Start, the Routes, the Feed Stations, the Climbs, and how the “live timing” works.

How do I contact the organiser?   Please send an email to: wrc@ilkleycyclingclub.org.uk

What if I want to change route length from that entered on the British Cycling website?

WRC-2014-FAQTell registration at Sign On. This is important so we know where to look if you fail to pass a timing point or return to headquarters for any reason. If you change your mind whilst on the route, call us at HQ and let us know.

I can no longer take part in the event. Can I get a refund?

In order for us to keep the entry cost low there are no refunds, as per the terms and conditions published both the British Cycling website and this one.

Can I enter on the day?

No, all participants must be pre-registered.

What time do I start?

Long Route – You can start anytime between 06:30 am and 08:00 am (6.30 women only group start time )

Medium Route –anytime between 7:30am and 9:00am (7.30 women only group start time)

Short Route – anytime between 8:30am and 10am (8.30 women only group start time )

Where and when do I Sign On?

Sign On is at Ilkley Rugby Club, Denton Road, LS29 0BZ. It opens at 06.00am on the event day.  Please bring ID for registration – anything with your surname on it will do – credit card, driving licence etc.  We suggest you carry ID with you so you can be identified should you become separated from your bike in an accident.

Is there car parking?

Parking for all those arriving bay car is free and is situated 100m east of the Rugby Club. Follow the directions. Once you have parked, you access HQ through the gate in the field rather than exiting back onto the road. Those arriving on a bike can enter through the Rugby Club main gates.

What happens at registration?

At Sign On you will confirm your emergency contact details and any riders aged 16 to 18 need to hand in a parental consent form and be accompanied by an adult. You will then be given a timing chip on a sticky label which you will need to affix to the right side of your helmet.

What do I do when I’m ready to start?

Proceed to the Starting area at the front of the Rugby Club, where, before you start, you will be given a final rider briefing, and checked into the ride with a scanner. Riders will then be released from the Starting area in a controlled manner, as directed by the start marshal. Timing will start as you roll over the start line.

What time are the Feed Stations open?

Grassington (All Routes):    07:45 – 13:00

Hawes (Long Route): 09:00 – 14:00

Splash & Dash – Water only (Long Route) 10:00-15:00

Airton (Medium and Long Route): 10:30 – 16:30

Where are the timing points?

Grassington Feed Station (all routes)

Hawes Feed Station (long route only)

Airton Feed Station (long and medium route)

Langbar (all routes) this will situated more than a mile after the summit of the final climb and before the descent to Ilkley.

What are the timing standards?

Timing standards  include separate female standards.

Long Route: Gold: 7:15hrs, Silver: 8:30hrs, Bronze: finishing

Medium Route: Gold: 5:45hrs, Silver: 6:45hrs, Bronze: finishing

Short Route: Gold: 3:30hrs, Silver 4:00hrs, Bronze: finishing


Long Route: Gold: 8:20hrs, Silver: 9:45hrs, Bronze: finishing

Medium Route: Gold: 6:35hrs, Silver: 7:45hrs, Bronze: finishing

Short Route: Gold: 4:15hrs, Silver 4:45hrs, Bronze: finishing

I have done the event before What is different in 2017? 

SportSundayLive timing. You can have family and friends monitor your progress at the White Rose Classic timing website, where they can monitor what is happening out on the road, including what timing points you have already crossed.

WRC Meal Voucher.  At Sign In, you will receive a meal voucher that can be used for breakfast at the Rugby Club, lunch at select cafes on the route (see the Rider Road Book for details), or a hardy after-ride meal at the Rugby Club.  You can only use the meal voucher for one meal, but all meals are also available for purchase.

WRC Cycling Wallet. All riders will receive a bespoke (pun intended) cycling wallet made from recycled bike inner tubes.  It is practical and environmentally responsible.  Inside the wallet, you will find the WRC Meal Voucher, the Contact Card with emergency numbers, and other promotional cards.  Be sure to bring the Meal Voucher and Contact Card with you, even if you choose not to carry the cycling wallet.

We are continuing with changes introduced in 2016, women-only rides for all three routes, and some additional marshalling per our focus on safety.

New for 2017 is dedicated professional photography from Sport Sunday.  They will have two pros out on the course snapping dramatic shots of the action, available soon after the finish.

When does the HQ close?

HQ will close at 18:30.

If you are going to arrive back after this time it is important that you let HQ know by phoning the number on the front of your rider number or by speaking to a member of event staff at a Feed Station.

Is there First Aid cover?

There will be three First Aid response vehicles provided by a professional services body situated around the routes and moving around as the event progresses. If you need medical assistance whilst on the route then you must call the number given on the front of your rider number and the nearest available response vehicle will attend as soon as possible. If the situation is an emergency, you, or more likely someone else, should always call 999 first. Please note that routes pass through remote rural areas where the mobile signal may not be reliable across all networks. There will be RAYNET radio safety points in areas with no signal. You are reminded of your responsibility to ride safely and responsibly, as per the terms and conditions.

Is the route sign posted?

Yes. All three routes will be clearly signed with direction arrows.  There will also be warning signs for any hazards such as steep descents. You should print off the routemap  and bring it with you. If it looks like being wet, put it in a plastic folder or similar. Routes for gps devices are available for download via the following Ridewithgps map Links  :
long: WRC 2017 Long Route
medium: WRC 2017 Medium Route
short: WRC 2017 – Short Route

How do I contact the organiser during the event?

Call the HQ contact number printed on the WRC Contact card that is in the WRC Cycling Wallet you were given at Sign On.

What mechanical assistance is there?

Mechanical support along the route will be provided. If you require mechanical assistance, please call the HQ contact number on the WRC Contact card.

It is strongly advised that you ensure you bike is in proper working order before the event. Remember, the event routes cover over 200 miles of often quiet roads.  We can not have mechanical support everywhere all the time!  Be sure to carry your own small pump, spare tube(s), puncture repair kit, multi tool etc.

What nutrition will be available at the Feed Stations?

Each Feed Station will be stocked with savoury and sweet high-energy food. There will also be a supply of water and energy drink.

Will there be food available after the event?

At Sign On you will receive a WRC Meal Voucher, good for breakfast at the Rugby Club, lunch at select cafes on the road, or an after-ride meal back at the Rugby Club.  The after-ride meal is available until 18.30. Other food is available to purchase from the cafe in the Rugby Club clubhouse for both entrants and spectators and the bar will be open from lunchtime onwards.  There will also be coffee and other things available from vendors on the Rugby Club grounds.

What should I carry?

• a form of identification showing your name, address and the contact details of a person to be advised in the event of an accident.
•  food, drink, money, a fully charged mobile phone, spare inner tubes, a working pump, a basic tool kit and spare clothing sufficient to complete the ride being undertaken, taking into account the route and possible adverse weather conditions.

Can I enter if I’m under 18?

Riders need to be 16 from the 1st January 2017.  If you are under 18 then a parental consent form needs to be completed and handed in at registration.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

The wearing of hard shell helmets conforming to CE standards EN1078 is mandatory for all riders. The start marshal will not allow any rider to start without a helmet. No Tri-bars allowed.

What happens when I finish?

On the return to Ilkley / HQ you must pass through the Finish gantry for timing to be completed.  The chip on your helmet will also be scanned to check you out of the event.  If you are local to Ilkley or the area please don’t be tempted to just ride home without returning to HQ as we will then have to contact your or your emergency contact. HQ will operate a one way system on return, reverse of the start setup. After passing over the finish you will be asked to dismount. You can then park up, use the WRC Meal Voucher (if you haven’t already used it) to claim your meal and drink from the caterer and then retire to the bar for refreshment.

Is there anything to do whilst anyone travelling with me waits for my return?

Ilkley Rugby Club is just a few hundred metres from the centre of Ilkley and all of its amenities, including the river, play park, Ilkley Lido, Ilkley Moor and the Cow and Calf Rocks and the town centre itself.  In the WRC Cycling Wallet you were given at Sign On there are vouchers for discounts at various locations in Ilkley.  Hand those to your friends or family who will be waiting for you – before you set off!

How tough are the climbs?

That depends on your fitness levels and the weather conditions on the day. You are advised to prepare yourself for the event by doing some ‘training’ appropriate to your need in relation to the route selected. See the route information via the ridewithgps links above which allow you to see where the climbs are in each route and the elevation gain for each.