Here you will find the details of all our up and coming events, training sessions and rides.

The links below are for the Youth Road Riding Policy and a Youth Consent form. If your child is going to join in any of the clubs road rides then could you please complete a consent form and return it to

Ilkley Cycling Club Youth Road Riding Policy

Ilkley Cyling Club Youth Consent Form






Autumn Cycling Sessions

Saturdays – 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th November
Nell Bank Centre, Denton Rd, Ilkley LS29 0DE, UK

From 13:30pm to 15:00pm

Moving on from our very successful “Pedal in the Park”, we are having 4 weeks of “Autumn Sessions” cycling skills and cyclo-cross practice at Nell Bank in Ilkley.
The first week is 13.30 to 15.00 so kids and parents can get off for their bonfire parties; we can have a discussion on the day which is the best time thereafter.
Please park in the car park below the centre, tightly so the riders can pass across the middle for our end of session race.
Please remember we do expect parents to stay if possible as we want you to see what they are learning.
Helmets, gloves and a drink are a good idea
If you want to borrow a bike for sizing or so you have the better tyres for the grass, send Chris Barker a pm.
£2 per session or £5 for the 4 to save us having to collect money


YDP Aims
The aims of our Youth Development Programme are:

1. To provide tangible support for parents in helping teach their children to ride their bikes and enjoy cycling in a safe and protected environment

2. To help children develop skills and confidence on their bikes, and so provide an avenue for fitness and well-being, and family and community-based fun.

3. To encourage and help those who want to race competitively, in a caring, protected and supportive environment

4. To identify high-potential talent and make available local and national performance development schemes where appropriate and in consultation with parents / carers.

Our welfare officers are Mike Cooper and Alexandra Warren.



BSCA Events

There are a number of races coming up as part of the British Schools Cycling Association (BSCA) events. These are entry level competitions which sit below British Cycling Competitions but give great experience and an introduction to racing.

BSCA Blog:

ICC is affiliated to BSCA, this means that our youth members (all members under 18) can enter the BSCA events without having to pay a surcharge, but members do need to apply for a BSCA membership card, which we can do through the club, (BSCA is not a large organisation and is run by volunteers, so it is not practical to automatically register all our youth members) please email if your child would like to be registered. Races are open to all children and you don’t have to ride all events. Some events are entry on the line but some have a closing date for entries.

BSCA Age Groups and Gear Restrictions

Family Rides

ICC members & their families welcome to join the ICC coaches for a ride to Bolton Abbey & back or similar distance. . Meet at the Old Bridge. Under 16s must have a parent / responsible adult accompanying them.

Dates coming soon.

British Cycling

British Cycling organise lots of different events at regional and national level. The racing is in age groups and follows the age the child is on the 1st of January, of that current year.

British Cycling Age Categories

Different types of events are organised all year round. Races are open to all children. A British Cycling racing licence is required for most races. This is free to B.C. youth members but not Junior riders. Most events are entry on the line but some have a closing date for entries . A list of the regional events is compiled under” events.”

Gear Restrictions  (not needed in Cyclocross)

All young riders, under 16 years of age, have a gear restriction for their age group. This varies slightly depending on the different type of event and the different organisation.

Why have gear restrictions?

It ensures all riders compete together on a fair and equal standing
It helps to reduce the risk of overuse injuries and avoid imbalances in young riders; it may also help riders to develop good pedalling technique.
It encourages young riders to race using tactics as opposed to using bigger gears to go faster. This will help to support the riders in learning new techniques which they will need throughout their competitive career.

Gear Restrictions are detailed here:
British Cycling gear restrictions


Previous ICC Youth Events

The link below takes you to an archive of the past ICC youth events

Past Events


Youth Calendar

The link below takes you to a calendar of ICC youth events
Youth Calendar