ICCTT16v7We currently have  a growing race team within the club achieving some great results in 2016 across all disciplines.  There is racing at all levels so whether you are looking to experience the thrill of racing for the first time or are a more seasoned competitor come join us!

Key details on all types of racing are outlined below . For the latest on 2016 target races and training rides please see the ICC racing facebook page or speak to anyone out on the rides.

ICC also promote road races, cyclocross and time trials. These tend to have a high number of entries from the ICC membership. In 2016 we are hoping to promote a 10m open TT (March), a 10m open TT (April), race 1 of the North Yorkshire Road Race series, the “Two days in May” stage race and the Ilkley Town Centre Circuit race, and later in the year our cyclocross.

For any help or information on anything listed here or racing in general please contact ICC Race Officers Steven Gott  or Helen Davies  –

Club TT Series Dates for your Diary

ICC Club Time Trials Calendar 2016

ICC Calendar Club Time Trials                  
DATE Distance Course Start/Finish Time
3-May 10 V810 Addingham 19.00 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
17-May 10 V810 Addingham 19.00 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
31-May 10 V810 Addingham 19.00 Interclub event ICC, OCC, ARCC Single
14-Jun 10 V212 V168 Lay-bye 19.30 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem BSCA (teens) event starts 18.45 Single
28-Jun 10 V810 Addingham 19.30 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
12th July 10 V810 Addingham 19.30 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
26th July 10 V810 Addingham 19.30 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
9th Aug 10 V810 Addingham 19.00 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
23rd Aug 10 V810 Addingham 19.00 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
6-Sep 10 V810 Addingham 18.45 Single, 2 Up, Jack & Jill, Tandem
17-Sep( Sat TBC) H/C V897 Norwood – Bottom 9.00 Hillclimb – single

The trials are generally run over the V810 starting at Addingham School, and run over a hilly 10 mile course, please note the start times as these vary as the light evenings lengthen.  We have a trip across to the V212 mid summer, and run this along side the BSCA regional TT event (more details to follow).  Our club events are for single, 2 Up, and tandem riders, including a Jack and Jill league if we get enough entries.   The first event is on the 3rd May on the V810 starting at 7.0pm, first rider off at 7.01.


ICC Member results in 2016 are published in a  initially on  ICC Facebook pages .  Results sent before the Ilkley Gazette Monday deadline may be included in that weeks edition.
Please email  results to ICC results coordinator  Jonathan Riley

2016 ICC  Club TT Results so far

pdficonICCclubTTseries2016(so far)

Previous ICC Results

 TT Results 2015 TT Prizes 2015 Race Results 2014

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Road racing is the blue riband discipline of cycling. It’s exciting to watch on the telly and it’s exciting to take part in. Quite simply, all the riders set off together and the first over the finish line wins. There may be some intermediate prizes on hill tops or at the end of certain laps, these are known as “primes” (pronounced preems).

Within the broad description of road racing there are various types of races, the shortest are usually town centre races or races held on short , traffic free courses. These are usually fast affairs and last around an hour. They are also sometimes known as criteriums (or crits). There are several purpose built crit circuits which ICC racers travel to for midweek evening races including Prissick, York, Salt Ayre and Tameside.

Longer races take place on bigger circuits often on the open road. Distances vary from around 30miles for local, lower category races, up to 100m + for elite category ones. Most races are held on a single race basis, but there are also stage races, where the race is made up of stages held over 1,2 or more days.

The governing body for road racing is British Cycling and racers need to take out a BC licence in order to compete, details on the BC website.

British Cycling is the governing body for most Road, Track and Cyclo Cross racing.
If you wish to participate in any BC races you will need firstly to be a BC member and secondly hold a Racing Licence. It may be possible to take out a day licence just to try it out for closed circuit races. See the BC website for details.

BC Membership:

Racing is split by categories of rider. Younger riders are split into age categories. After age 18, riders are split by achievement/ability. A rider starts off with a 4th category licence and can progress through the catergories, 3rd,2nd,1st and finally, Elite, by scoring points which are awarded for winning or getting placed in races. Harder/higher category races earn more points.

Races are best entered in advance , although some events offer entry on the day, usually at a more expensive entry fee.
Any age of rider can do BC events.

LVRC The League of Veteran Racing Cyclists is a smaller organisation promoting races all over the country for riders over 40 years of age. To do these it’s necessary to take out a LVRC racing licence, which is quite cheap, details on the LVRC website.
Racing is split by age category, eg A is 40-44, B is 45-49, C is 50-54 etc



Time trials are held under the governing body, CTT. www.

There is no need for any type of licence, although it is necessary to be a member of an affiliated club. Ilkley CC are affiliated.
Any type of bike can be ridden, time trial or triathlon style bikes are common.

All time trials have roughly the same format, the riders set off at minute intervals and are timed over a set course / distance. Overtaking is of course allowed, but slipstreaming or group riding is not. It has to be an individual effort.

There are broadly two types of Time trial, “club” or “open”

CLUB A club time trial is an informal event, usually provided for the members own club, or including guest riders. There is usually no need to pre enter, but just turn up on the day, pay a few quid, sign on, pin your number on and race.
The Ilkley CC evening time trials at Addingham are club Time Trials – Details here.  The list of last year’s winners can be found by following this link.

OPEN Open time trials are open to members of any club, and they need to be entered in advance using online entry  for most events some require an entry form which can be downloaded from the “forms and guidance” section of the CTT website. 
In the week before the race each rider receives a start sheet with all the race details on it. The usual standard number of competitors for a TT is 120 (more for big events). The field will be seeded with the favourite last to start. The next favourites have the zero numbers, followed by the five numbers.
Time trials can be over all sorts of roads and terrain, varying from hilly ones right through to flat ones held on dual carriageways, which are popular with riders looking for out and out speed.
Many races are held over standard distances, 10miles, 25m, 50m, 100m, 12 hr. There is even a 24hr race! There are national championships at each distance, which may be held in different parts of the country each year.

There is also the National TT champs which is held on a non standard distance and usually on a hillyish circuit, held in conjunction with the BC. And there is also the annual Hill Climb champs at the end of each season.
There is also a Best All Rounder competition based on riders best season long times over the three longish distances of 50m, 100m and 12hr

YCF The Yorkshire Cycling Federation have various regional competitions including a season long points league. ICC are affiliated to the YCF. 

VTTA The veterans time trials association also provides some extra competitions for over forties riders. Many of these involve “standard times” . They give each distance a “standard time” for a 40 year old, then for each year you get older a few seconds is added on to this standard. Prizes are given often for the rider who beats their standard by the most, irrespective of what age they are. The top awards are often won by really fit riders in their seventies or eighties! It’s cheap to join the vtta and they send out a little magazine now and then. Details on vtta website.

If you fancy doing some time trials it’s worth going onto the CTT website and ordering the CTT handbook, which will contain a full list of events, entry details and lots of other info which is not yet on their website.


The nearest indoor velodrome  is at Manchester. A complete novice is able to sign up to ride the track with a little simple coaching (eg on one of the ICC trips to the track) . Following that a rider then needs to have their competence checked and gain accreditation to enter into the track racing leagues at Manchester.

A new outdoor velodrome has recently opened at York.

In the summertime, nearer to home is the grass track at Roundhay park. The track league runs on Monday evenings throughout the summer months.


According to  Otley lad Tejvan Pettinger (his blog is well worth a read) “Hill climbs are a uniquely painful and challenging cycle race. The ideal is simple – ride up a hill as fast as you can. It’s just you, your bike and your fight against gravity. At the end of the climb, your legs will be screaming with pain, your lungs at bursting point and your head can feel light headed due to oxygen debt. Yet, whatever your time, there’s a great feeling of achievement for completing the hill. You may not enjoy it, but something brings you back for more.”

The hill climb season is short and sweet, most races in Sept & Oct finishing with the National Champs at the end of Oct. A number are very local up the likes of Norwood Edge.


Cyclo-Cross is a great introduction to competitive cycling, and great if you like getting muddy.

The laps are short, and Senior races usually last an hour. It’s also a great sport to get children involved in cycling, as there are separate shorter races for under 12s and under 16s.

Cyclo-Cross is great winter conditioning, and great for bike handling. You may have to dismount/re-mount a few times per lap. A Cyclo-Cross bike is not essential to take part, it is possible to enter with a mountain bike. There is also a summer Cyclo-Cross series run in Yorkshire.