White Rose Classic – T&Cs

White Rose Classic

Ilkley Cycling Club Terms and Conditions of Entry.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all entrants participating in the White Rose Classic which is organised and operated by Ilkley Cycling Club (ICC) and are in addition to those of the British Cycling Online Entry System.

Disclaimer: I have read the terms and conditions of entry and understand the nature of this event. I agree that I enter at my own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the event. I do not hold ICC or any of its agents or volunteers responsible for any damage, injury or loss to myself or my property during the event.

1. The White Rose Classic offers routes of differing length and challenge. It includes significant climbs and descents and riders should familiarise themselves with the routes and choose one according to their ability and experience. Riders are able to change the route from that entered online, either on the day or during the ride.

2. The participant accepts that the event is not a race. All riders should take due care and attention. ICC does not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant nor for the consequences of such actions. Riders should not ride more than two cycles abreast , single out where necessary and should follow the Highway Code at all times.

3. The wearing of a suitable cycle-specific helmet is mandatory. Failure to wear one will result in removal from the event. There are no exceptions to this rule.  The use of tri-bars is not allowed. Riders take responsibility for the roadworthiness of their cycle.

4. The routes are way-marked and there may be warning signs at appropriate points on the route. Absence of these signs does not signal the absence of dangers. It is the rider’s responsibility to ride according to the road and traffic conditions at the time and take all due care and attention.

5. The organiser reserves the right to vary the route or routes from those advertised should it be deemed necessary for reasons of rider safety or due to circumstances beyond their control.

6. The participant agrees to return to the event centre at the end of their ride. Not doing so may lead to a search being organised. If a rider is unable to return within the stated time limit then it is their responsibility to inform the organiser by phone via the number provided or by contacting a course marshal as soon as possible.

7. Withdrawal. Should a participant need to withdraw from the event, no refund will be given. Once the event is full and entry is closed  the entrant may then transfer their entry to another person by following the procedure on the organiser’s website. The entrant is responsible for any transfer of monies. No transfers within 48 hours of the event. By signing-on at registration, the new entrant acknowledges acceptance of the ICC terms and conditions and those of the British Cycling Online Entry System.

8. Cancellation. This event is run by ICC and its volunteers for the enjoyment of participants, to raise money for the club to promote and support cycling locally and in aid of local charities. There will be no refund in the unlikely case of the event being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances or those beyond the control of the organiser.

9. Identification. All riders are required to show identification at registration which at least shows the rider’s surname. This MUST correspond to either the surname entered on the British Cycling entry system or that notified to the organiser in advance if there has been a transfer of entry.  If identification cannot be shown then the rider cannot ride.